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Newest Servers

  1. World ts19 Cl
  2. World ts19 Cz
  3. World ts19 hu
  4. World ts19 Fr
  5. World 2 jp
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Biggest Servers

  1. World 5 Ru
    (15 537 531)
  2. World
    (15 400 317)
  3. World
    (11 458 625)
  4. World ts11 sa
    (11 323 547)
  5. World
    (11 143 442)
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Biggest Countries

  1. Turkey
    (60 960 327)
  2. France
    (39 606 067)
  3. Russia
    (37 530 937)
  4. Saudi Arabia
    (36 539 452)
  5. Spain
    (36 205 468)
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This site is dedicated to Travian, it contains several tools to make the game easier to play.
Data concerning each server are updated every day. Informations about the last updates are available here.
Here is a brief description of all these tools :

- Units Comparison
Here you can compare the different types of troops using different comparison factor like the quality/cost and the quality/upkeep ratio. Use it to optimise your combat strategy.

- Combat Simulator
This tool allows to simulate the attack and gives you an anticipated Battle-report. This simulator is more precise than the one on Travian or the Travian Combat tool, but, sometimes, there's a tiny difference of a few units compared to the Travian plus simulator.

- Calculating distance and time
Very useful for synchronisation, this tool gives you the distance, the length and the date and time on which you should launch your troops depending of their type and your coordinates. It allows to avoid long and complicated formulas.

- Users and Allies Signature
Here you can create a signature with your logins on the different Travian game-world, as well as your account information. It gets updated automatically every day.

- Choose your world
  • The Map
    This map gives a global vision of the game with several possibilities to view other players, and contains several levels for zooming. You have also the possibility to choose which alliances you want to view on the map. Information about the villages are available if the zoom is close enough.

  • List
    You can find 3 types of lists: Players, Towns and Allies. More search and sort functions are available compared to those ingame. You can also find players, towns and allies evolution graphics until that day.

  • Battle Plan
    Allows to easily manage the war between allies. This tool indicates the nearest enemy towns to every member of the ally.

  • Farms Search
    You could search for farms in your neighbourhood according to several criteria.

  • Statistics
    Contains several statistics about the game world