Calculator Descriere
Distanta Foarte folositor pentru sincronizare, acest utilitar va da distanta, data si timpul cand ar trebui sa porniti cu trupele, depinzand de tipul lor si de coordonatele voastre. Am evitat formule lungi si complicate.
Puncte de cultura Acest utilitar va permite sa stiti cate puncte de cultura sunt necesare pentru a fonda un nou sat sau cate sate puteti avea cu aceste puncte de cultura.
Building This tool allow you to calculate the cost ant the build time of all buildings
Distanta This tool enables you to determine which units are in the army, which attack you. Enter coordinates of your village and of the village which attack you. Give then the people of your attacker and the remaining duration of travel. The tool displays in green the fastest troop which compose enemy army, in red, units that can not be in this army and orange, units that can be in this army if you didn't not seen the attack right away.