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23/07/2008village founded : L19 by sir freddy
23/07/2008village founded : AnnGael~34~ by AnnGael
23/07/2008Village conquered : Echo by npi6
23/07/2008village founded : a28 by sir freddy
21/07/2008village founded : 45.Nouveau village by huile
21/07/2008Village conquered : 026-Oups erreur2 by npi6
21/07/2008village founded : Nouveau village by black Hawk
19/07/2008village founded : Juste pour le fun by AnnGael
19/07/2008Village conquered : pahpi fin by pahpikuh
18/07/2008village founded : 132 - VAchOn n°2)) by Olympe
15/07/2008village founded : Nouveau village by cohars
15/07/2008Village conquered : Samarkand II by pahpikuh
15/07/2008village founded : 44.BeNnY B by huile
15/07/2008village founded : AnnGael~32~ by AnnGael
15/07/2008Village conquered : ~Pahpikuh le Grand~ by pahpikuh
14/07/2008village founded : 41.TaTaYeT by huile
14/07/2008village founded : 43.RéGiNe by huile
14/07/2008village founded : 42.BéZu by huile
12/07/2008village founded : AnnGael~31~ by AnnGael
11/07/2008Village conquered : gabi 6 by cohars
11/07/2008Village conquered : 171 - Xplode,LA, BE by Olympe
10/07/2008village founded : °Pont du Tantanese by Takeshi
10/07/2008Village conquered : 2_BLANCHE by ASKOOOH
09/07/2008Village conquered : L14 by sir freddy
09/07/2008Village conquered : gabi 8 by cohars
09/07/2008Village conquered : 88.frank lucas by pahpikuh
09/07/2008Village conquered : 013 - Dune by Olympe
09/07/2008Village conquered : 87.tookie williams by pahpikuh
08/07/2008Village conquered : Kubilkhan by cohars
08/07/2008Village conquered : 17 - nohic by Mouahhh
08/07/2008Village conquered : L10 by sir freddy
08/07/2008village founded : AnnGael~30~ by AnnGael
08/07/2008Village conquered : 89.nicky barnes by pahpikuh
08/07/2008Village conquered : 06. Atréïdes by Mouahhh
08/07/2008Village conquered : 04. Feydakin by Mouahhh

19 prises de villages
16 colonisations
0 pertes de villages